UX/UI Design & Prototyping for iOS


The best records for sale nearby.


I performed as Lead Product Owner, Lead UX/UI Designer & Prototyper for Dig and VNYLST for iOS.

Discovery Process

The who, what, why and how.





Meet Paola Puente

World renown record collector and awesome mom

Respected vendor of rare to hard-to-find vinyl

Connector, record appraiser and supporter of DJ culture through events & promotions


The Problem

As as collector and rare record dealer:

  • I spend hours digging through crates of vinyl (which I actually enjoy); a lifetime for the hard to find stuff

  • Records aren’t always presented at fair prices from people I trust

  • I never know when a record is within reach

  • Trust is a huge deal for me; not everyone has earned it



I proposed solution that allows:

  • finds records she wants to own

  • notifies her when wanted vinyl her proximity

  • makes payments secure

  • incentivizes positive reputations and make them transparent


Signals (or Goals)

We know we’re right if Maria:

  • can procure sought after vinyl with a fraction of the effort

  • can easily and quickly transact

  • can vet sellers before purchasing

  • spends more time in app adding records for sale, to her want list, and interacting with buyers & sellers in a positive way

Job Story

The role: Paola Puente.


When there’s a record I’ve been looking for (like, forever)…


I need a way to know when it is within reach, preferably in a condition and at a price I’m willing to pay for it

Expected outcome

So I can connect with the seller, make an offer and add it to my collection for resale or for personal reasons…

Competitive Assessment

How existing options fair

How I measured design impact

Task-success for procurement, adoption through usage and happiness by promoter incentives.

We aimed to make the initial product compelling knowing its success will greatly depend on the early adopters onboarding.


Design Process

Sketches based on a single ugly demo

Invision to prototype

More sketches

Proof of Concept

The initial proof of concept would fail, but only at half of what we didn’t design.

Check out the demo.


VNYLST, The Pivot

Aggregating learnings and shortcomings on what might be the best effort yet.

Constraints & Closing Remarks

Cash is king

Time is money

You can’t do it alone, so hire and fire quickly


Passion doesn’t mean success. Be okay with that.

You don’t know what you’re doing. But you will if you don’t give up.

The journey a process which you become what you allow yourself to learn.

Know when to pivot, rest, and take a step back.

Be skeptical. Stay optimistic.



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